5 ways to improve your workout!

Tired of never getting any results from your training? Maybe you are doing it wrong. Try this 5 tips before working out the next time!


1. Eat slow-digesting carbs

If you eat slow-digesting carbs such as whole grains, beans or wholegrain pasta for breakfast and lunch you will have lower insulin levels and burn mor fat during the day. This type of food will also give you mot endurance and you will burn more fat during exercise.


2. Protein before and after workout

Eat whey protein or creatine immediately before and after training. That will help you increase your muscle mass.


3. Drink caffein before your workout

A cup of coffee or a caffein tablet about 1-2 hours before your workout can do wonders. It will give you more energy, and you will be able to lift heavier – and do more reps.


4. Focus on your muscles

Studies have shown that those who focus on their biceps while doing biceps curls had more muscle activity then those who didn’t. So be sure to think about the muscle you are training while doing it!


5. Train with a crowd

Research show that when we train in front of a group of people we are stronger than when we lift in front of one person.

Source: Muscleandfitness.com